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Increasing Website Conversions With Live Chat

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Sometimes a conversation is all you need to get the lead.

Unfortunately, that’s the reality for all businesses online these days. There is just so much noise on the internet that if you don’t ask, you shall never receive.

Have you ever stopped to wonder what happens to the tens of thousands of visitors your website hauls in each month?

How many of them actually convert into customers? And how many of them close the page because they were “simply on the way home from work”? Now that’s a question that’ll keep you up at night.

In reality, that’s a tonne of lost revenue when you think about it. What’s changed?

There’s Been a Noticeable Shift in Online Business

How to Increase Website Conversions and Satisfy Customer Demands With Live Chat

Rather than rambling on about how great live chat is, we’re going to show you exactly how it works and how it slots perfectly into your business.

Case Study

Traffic was coming through with the intent of purchasing flooring.

Who: Business A sells flooring online

Industry: Ecommerce

Revenue: Have a monthly revenue of $200,000

The Problem: Business A had a problem converting website visitors. The average consumer was a first time buyer of flooring and were unsure about how to buy the most suitable type of flooring. However, if the customer called and spoke to a rep over the phone after visiting the website, the conversion rate was around 30% – 40%.

The Challenge: Business A realised that their industry experience and knowledge about their products gave customers the confidence to make a purchase. However, they were not able to replicate this experience online.

Let’s Take a Look at Industry-specific Conversion Rates

It’s Important to Remember

Conversion rates are always highly contextual. Even companies within the same industry are not directly comparable, because of differences in target audience, product/service offering, and business model, among other factors. This can include device, country, and seasonal anomalies.

Grow Your Sales Through Conversation

Live chat has come a long way. They are now more data-driven than ever, highly scalable, and enable a richer customer experience. Chat technology lets you engage more website visitors, helps you convert more leads into sales and relieves your sales staff from repetitive tasks that don’t bring in revenue.

If you’re not using live chat already, then now is a good time to start.

Already using chat technology? See how Chat Agency can help you increase the number, and quality of leads coming through.

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